laura maes @ TRACK

The compositions made for the Tondelier and Tolhuis cluster of the Track art trail in Ghent are site-specific and combine field recordings with strings and percussion sounds.

During the live performance of the pieces one of the bows will be equipped with a gyroscope to measure the rotation of the bow.
These data will be used to steer and modify the field recordings.

* thanks to the Logos Foundation for the usage of their juice flow meter


  • Laura Maes @ TRACK - Tondelier

During more than 100 years the site at the Gasmeterlaan in Ghent was taken by the “Gasmaatschappij van Gent”. Since the start of the demolition of the former factory buildings in 1981, the ex-factory grounds gradually have received a new purpose.

The composition for Tondelier confronts the waste land with its former function. The sound of the slowly escaping gas is combined with noise sounds produced by the strings. The high bleeps created by the gas are adopted by violin, viola and cello.


  • Laura Maes @ TRACK - Tondelier

Since the 1920s the Belgian biotopes, from heathland to Ardennes' woods, are exhibited at hortus Michel Thiery. The botanical plant and herb garden lodges over 1500 types of plants, grasses and trees.

The flow of the juices of plants and trees * is made audible and enters into a dialogue with percussive strings and small percussion instruments.